Community moved to The Kinguard Project

Dear all,

With the launch of The Kinguard Project, we decided to try and keep all community related material on that site. So we have closed this site and all data has been moved to The Kingard Project wiki and forums.

Any user accounts created on this site hopefully still works on the new forum so please continue on to the new site.

/PA and Tor

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The wait is over – KEEP pre-launch

The wait for KEEP is as good as over.

We are now opening up a pre-launch possibility for you that are eager to get your hands on KEEP. The units are currently being assembled and we should be ready to ship them by Dec 17th, which we hope will be enough to make it under the X-mas tree.

To order your unit please go to, select your disk option and press the order button!

The plan is to make formal launch a bit later on, but we have simply not had the time to plan it, we have been busy developing it.

This offer will be quite limited in time, base price for KEEP is €199, normal price is set to €249, so get it now!

/PA & Tor

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Glitch on OPI updates

Some of you might have gotten an email alerting you that OPI failed to fetch updates. This is due to us moving the OPI software repository from one server to another.  The error message can safely be ignored and everything should update correctly tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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KEEP Software update

To follow up on PAs updates on KEEP hardware, which is nearing completion in a quick pace, it is now time to do the same with regards to the software development.

Those not familiar with KEEP. KEEP is the followup to OPI a 100% open source mini server that is intended to keep your private information private. Contacts, calendars, email and photos are information that is yours, and information that should be shared on your conditions. You can read more about the specs of KEEP here.


  • Debian Stretch
  • Nextcloud 12.x
    • File manager
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Gallery
    • Tasks
  • Roundcube 1.3 webmail
  • End to end encrypted with Lets Encrypt by default and possibility for custom certificates
  • Encrypted backup to S3 added
  • Complete mail service stack with
    • IMAP Docvecot
    • SMTP Postfix
    • Remote mail fetching with Fetchmail
  • Encrypted storage
  • Polished administration interface
  • Bug fixes

The somewhat longer story

The big news here is most likely that we skipped Ubuntu this time in favor of the “newly” released Debian Stretch. We always have had a preference for Debian before Ubuntu since we love pure open source without any strange licensing policies. Unfortunately when we worked on OPI there where no up to date stable Debian and thus we then chose the latest Ubuntu LTS as a base platform.

Thus KEEP is based on a solid Debian base, we even use the Debian packaged kernel with KEEP. Most other packages is the same as used in OPI but of course upgraded. The only difference in the base platform is the move from MySQL to MariaDB.

The backup system, based on S3QL, has gotten a complete overhaul. We added support for backup onto Amazon S3 storage and implemented a migration path from a previously made backup from an OPI.

When focusing on the web applications that we package the big change is that we have chosen to use Nextcloud instead of Owncloud. Mostly since Nextcloud seems to be the more active community and that they have a more relaxed code contribution policy. We have also added the tasks application from Nextcloud as a supported application which more or less completes the personal information management needs.

Running the software stack on KEEP is a really nice experience due to the upgraded hardware specifications and the upgrade to PHP7. The Nextcloud application, which where the big problem on OPI, runs comfortably even on full page reloads.

The current development status is that we are currently working on porting our own “plugins” to Roundcube and Nextcloud. We have two plugins for Roundcube one to integrate with the Nextcloud contacts to unify contact management and the other is a plugin that exports identities, personal mail addresses used when composing emails, from the OP backend.  For Nextcloud we have a few adaptations, firstly we have an authentication plugin that integrates with the OP backend systems. We have a centralized user management that store user identities and passwords in an encrypted database.

Finally the last piece to complete before we move to the final test phase of development is to update all theming, to make all components share a common graphical profile and integrate more cleanly with each other. When that is done we have to run a few rounds of system test and probably some more bug fixing, But all in all the software for KEEP is shaping up really nicely and we have no, known, blocker issues at this moment. Thus all should be set for a release in a not to distant future.

Looking ahead we have a lot of ideas on what else would be nice to have. But we first have to let the dust settle with this release and then we take it from there.

If you have any questions. ideas or comments please comment below or send us an email. We love to get feedback from you all!


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KEEP EMC Tests – ESD update


We have now finally also passed the ESD tests. We had an issue that the unit would reset during contact discharge to the back ALU-plate.

Turns out that we need to have a rugged washer to penetrate the black anodizing so that the screws mounting the PCB to the plate will connect properly.

So thumbs up, we have a pass on all EMC tests now.


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Today and yesterday was spent in an EMC lab running tests for Electro Magnetic Compatibility.

These test are quite extensive and to many this is seen as a bit of magic and if the device fails the test it can be very time consuming, ranging from a simple fix by adding a tape somewhere to almost a complete redesign.

As of now we have run – and passed – almost all of the tests, all radiated tests are complete as well as all the conducted tests.

The only test remaining is to run ESD (zapping the device with 4kV all over, ouch….). Don’t try that at home, it hurts….

For those of you that are interested I have attached some images from the measurements.

Radiated emission and interference, 0 – 6GHz

Results from 30MHz to 1GHz, where the straight red line is the limit line and the background noise level goes up as the frequency increases, which is why the overall signal also increases.

Surge tests, hitting the power line with +/- 1kV

Conductive tests on both power line and Ethernet cable.

We still need to run and pass the ESD tests, but hopefully we will not run into too much trouble with that.


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KEEP sneak preview

It is time for a sneak preview of “KEEP”, the successor to OPI.

We have tried to listen to you guys on what you want and what you missed on OPI. The first couple of boards are now up and running and we are spending as much time as we can to get all the software up and running.

So first of all some pictures, that always says more than a thousand words…

Top one is of the exterior of KEEP, it is a plastic cover with a black aluminum plate underneath, giving the unit a nice solid feel.

Bottom two are of the PCBA, and as you can see, there are two 2.5″ SATA disks, one on top and one on the bottom of the board.

For the connector part there is a GB Ethernet port and a USB3 port.

On the bottom there is also the CPU module, we now have a ARM A9 dual core running at 1.6GHz, and this combo does give a lot better performance, so compared with OPI it is a step up and a definite “must have”. 😉

The system is still running from an internal flash memory, so the disk is there only for user data.

Despite the possibility to put two disks into KEEP, we have been able to keep KEEP small, it only measures 135x130x30mm!

As we posted earlier, the main updates to the software is:

  • Updated distribution to be based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Debian Strech
  • Updated web applications such as:
    • Upgrading to Owncloud 9 / Nextcloud
    • Upgrading Roundcube to 1.2
  • New certificate options
    • Default we will move to Let’s Encrypt. This means that you will now get a green location bar and no questions and warnings about using a potentially dangerous certificate in the browser
    • Added option to supply a custom certificate to be used by the web server

So when can you get it? As I mentioned we do what we can, but we also have to put food on the table. So I can’t promise you anything, but I hope that we can get some units out to you guys before summer.



Worth noting is that the same software will be available for OPI, so you will not miss out on functionality, but of course KEEP will be faster and have more storage. So everybody obviously need to have one….

/PA & Tor


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Thoughts and updates

Dear all,

It has been a while since we posted anything on what is really going on, so here is an update of the current on-goings.

Let us first talk a bit more in general on the current situation at OpenProducts. As you most likely know OpenProducts is currently a two man show. It is me, PA, and Tor that run OpenProducts. We do this because we firmly believe there should be alternatives to providing all your personal data to an external entity, and also because we love developing cool and interesting products we want for our selfs. However the current situation does not allow us to do this full time, OPI simply does not provide the revenue needed for this.

Since we still need food on the table that requires us to do work elsewhere and since both of us have done freelancing in embedded software and hardware for the better part of the last 15 years we do this to keep us and OpenProducts afloat. We do consulting on and off and sometimes both of us have external assignments, sometimes one of us do it while the other works solely with the thing we really care about, working on our own products and projects.

Our long time goal is of course to be able to focus 100% on internal development and make OPI and its successors the creation we really want it to be. We can assure you that there is no lack of ambition or ideas on what to do. But in the mean time we have limited resources, i.e. hours, that we can spend on internal development.

But let us get back to what is currently going on with our internal development.

We have now completed the move of our servers. This included our physical backup servers moving from Sjöbo/Ystad to Landskrona/Lund. Any data that is sent to our backup servers is still in Sweden and still all data is encrypted locally on OPI using a key derived from your master password before sent to our servers. We have also moved our DNS servers so there has been quite a lot to do in order to migrate this fully. Besides some tuning for the backup service, it seems to have worked well.

We are also working on a major software update. We know that we have hinted on this earlier, especially an update of the Owncloud application that is long overdue which we are painfully aware of. The delay is actually partly due to this upgrade. It turned out that the newer versions of Owncloud split up essential components and demoted the calendar and contacts applications to a “not stable” status. This complicated our upgrade path significantly.

In the light of this we actually decided to turn this into a major upgrade and do a complete overhaul of the software stack.  The new software version will include among other features:

  • Updated distribution to be based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Updated web applications such as:
    • Upgrading to Owncloud 9 or possibly Nextcloud 11
    • Upgrading Roundcube to 1.2
  • New certificate options
    • Default we will move to Let’s Encrypt. This means that you will now get a green location bar and no questions and warnings about using a potentially dangerous certificate in the browser
    • Added option to supply a custom certificate to be used by the web server

Our goal is to be able to release this early this spring, hopefully with some other surprise options as well!

Finally we have also started to look at a new hardware platform! Main focus on this is to replace OPI with an enhanced successor.   We would love  to hear from you what would be your top priorities for that! More storage, external drives, integration with X,Y, and Z? All inputs are welcome.

/PA & Tor

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Merry Christmas!


We just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

PA & Tor

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Server Re-location

Tomorrow, December 15, we will be physically re-locating the servers that are serving your OPI’s with name resolution and backup. Servers will be taken off-line at approximately 10.00 (CET).

This means that:

  1. Any backups will be unavailable during most of the day.
  2. Backups may be interrupted, a long backup that is still running late tomorrow morning (CET) will fail.
  3. Possibly, but not likely, backups running on Friday may be affected.
  4. OPI will not be able to authenticate to our servers during this time. Due to this, DNS servers will not be accepting updates to IP-numbers, and new certificates will not be generated.

Our plan is that everything should be up and running again by the end of the day. If you notice problems with your OPI, please have some patience and if you still have problems on Friday morning, please restart your OPI.

The servers will be moved from Sjöbo and Ystad which is the current location to Landskrona and Lund, so your data will still never leave Sweden.

/PA & Tor

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