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Is Microsoft stealing your passwords?

Last night we needed to update a computer in the family to Windows 10. So we read the fine print in the agreements, which took quite a while to do. Not only is it a mile long, but it is

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OPI manual updated

I took a moment today to update the manual as well so that is reflects the changes made to the UI in 1.3. It is available here for download: As said before, if you want to contribute, feel free

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OPI software 1.3 Released

The update promised around Easter is here. This is a rather large update which we have made available as an installer image as well. Main features in the new release is support for doing a system restore from a backup

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Easter update

Easter… Typical April weather here up north, sunny and nice and warm. Then the sun hides behind a cloud, the wind picks up a bit and suddenly you are sitting freezing half to death. Some of you have asked us

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OPI quickstart available at github

Some of our users have mentioned for us that they might be willing to help out with information that can be used in our manual. The current manual is now available on github: We would be very happy for all contributions, nothing

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Want to move further away from the cloud services?

Althogh OPI does take your private data away from the large online cloud providers, there are still many built in features and apps in your phone that reports back to the OS/app provider with personal information and statistics. Why not

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OPI 1.0 Released and shipping has started

OPI 1.0 Relesed After much work we are very proud to announce the release of the 1.0 version of the the OPI software. With this we are also starting to ship OPI to our customers. Please read the release notes

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Images of OPI package

This is a short post showing some images of the OPI package.

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OPI web interface – brief walk through

In this post I have put together a short screenshot walk through of the web based parts of OPI. For files, contacts and calendar views we are using a themed version of owncloud. The administrative tools have been moved to

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We are now half way on our funding campaign at Please help us spread the word so that we reach 100% as well. /PA

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