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Glitch on OPI updates

Some of you might have gotten an email alerting you that OPI failed to fetch updates. This is due to us moving the OPI software repository from one server to another.  The error message can safely be ignored and everything

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KEEP Software update

To follow up on PAs updates on KEEP hardware, which is nearing completion in a quick pace, it is now time to do the same with regards to the software development. Those not familiar with KEEP. KEEP is the followup

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Google abandoning anonymous tracking

If you have the information the odds are that you are going to use it. Google have long time had both an advertising network and a lot of very personalized information. Up until recently the personal information have not been

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OPI in demand at Indiegogo

  We decided to put OPI  “In Demand” at Indiegogo and in the same time we lowered prices. OPI is now available starting at $95 in our shop and $119 with 8GB of storage at Indiegogo

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OPI and The Logjam Attack

If you are not living under a rock you could hardly have missed the discussion regarding The Logjam Attack It has been all over the news lately. The Logjam attack is what is called a man in the middle attack.

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Data privacy and why you should care

Users today have practically no control over their personal information. Most often they even have no clue on what information is gathered of them while they go on with their day to day life on the Internet, even less on

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Best wishes

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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OPI software 1.2 released

Just in time for Christmas we are proud to announce the version 1.2 software release available both as an update and as a new installer. The big news in this release is the updated mail configuration to make it easier

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Whats up?

I would like to take some time to talk about what is going on with development on OPI right now. This since it have been quiet on what is happening for a while. Our main development focus right now is

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OPI software 1.1 released

After some delay we are proud to finally announce the first major software update for OPI. Being the first update of OPI this is mainly a bugfix release fixing bugs discovered since the initial release. Detailed information on the release

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