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    I get an e-mail in my inbox from the Anacron deamon with the following error:

    Backup failed (Possibly more informaton in log file: /var/log/opi-backup/backup.log)
    run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/opi_backup exited with return code 1

    This happened last night as well, so I don’t believe this is an error connected to LAN connectivity etc.

    Backup is enabled and remote, remote data says that only 600ish KB is being used.

    As a feature request, I would like to be able to choose what to backup remotely. I am really only interested in backing up the e-mail inboxes, as everything else is already being backed up to external storage.

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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Hi WZot,

    Can you verify that the backup has worked. I.e. that you where able to access the backup-folders if existant in the (oc-)files application?

    If it never worked you are most likely hit by the known problem with the backup.


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    There’s no backup folder there at the root, just the standard folders.

    I’ll send an e-mail to support with my OPI name.

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