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    Just a heads up about a display bug in the Android OPI Mail App on Android 7.0 Beta 5. When you long-press a message to get the options dialog box, instead of showing the entire list of choices centered on the screen, it shows a small 1/8th screen (2 columns of 4 rows) size dialog box (about three lines on my Nexus 5X) in the Lower right of the screen. The box is scrollable, and the options still work, but it is awkward to use. It looks like Android just changed the context of an API call. Beta 5 is the last scheduled Beta before Android Nouget Release, so things should be solid enough to fix at this point.

    Test Setup:
    OPI Mail 4.904 installed from Play Store on Android Nouget 7.0 Beta 5 on Nexus 5x

    Test Execution:
    1) Proceed to Inbox
    2) Long Press Message in Inbox

    Expected results:
    1) large dialog box opens center screen listing “Select, Reply All, Reply, Send Again” etal.

    Observed results
    1) Small dialog box opens lower right. It is too small to list all items. It is scrollable, but does not have scroll controls.


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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Hi Murtagh,

    Thank you for the, detailed and nice, bug-report and sorry for the problem.

    As said other places we are working on a general software update which of course will include an update of the Android applications. During doing this we will try investigating your problem described above. (If the mail app is to unusable atm you can always try installing the latest K9-app on which the OPI-mail is built)


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