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    I turned on (remote) backup some time ago and didn’t think more about it. It seems to be working. Except a few emails with cryptic error(?) info I have not seen any red lights on the unit. I also noticed that there was a “backup” folder created when I turned on backups. As I usually access my files through OwnCloud on various PCs it appeared empty. But when I look at this same folder on the OPI through the admin web interface I can see three folders


    each mirroring the content of the OPI, which means together they already take up half a gig. Although I’m happy all this data is not synchronized through OwnCloud it does not seem correct that these mirrors should exist. Why are they there and can I delete them?

    (Note I have three cryptic emails from Anacron but they don’t correspond datewise with these folders: 15 Sep, 29 Sep and 30 Sep)

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    Hi jkene,

    These folders are actually the data stored on the remote backup servers and viewed in the UI for the purpose of restore.
    So there is no space used on your SD card for these folders. The folders are created and rotated by the backup scripts.


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