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    I would like to be able to sync my Firefox Bookmarks against my OPI instead of against Firefox’s server. It is basically the same reasoning as the rest of OPI, to own my own data. But I know I am ahead of this curve as I write. Mozilla has partially documented the procedures needed to do this (https://docs.services.mozilla.com/howtos/run-sync-1.5.html), but it is still a problem being solved. I guess I expect someone in the OwnCloud ecosystem to come forward with a workable solution eventually because they had a solution until Mozilla changed their tactics.

    I am writing this ticket basically as a reminder so when feature request windows open and close, it can be investigated. It is a feature that meshes well with OPIs mission.

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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Hi murtagh,

    This is a wanted feature of course. We have also investigated this earlier when we started designing OPI.

    The big showstopper then where that Firefox no longer give you “easy” access to configure your browser to use a custom sync server. They only provide UI to sign up with their servers.

    Any pointers on how to do a custom setup of firefox is greetly appreciated. Unfortunately i suspect that to do so you would have to manually tweak the Firefox config and then this would be a hard task for most people 🙁


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