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    I have a few devices on my network that are old enough to not understand SSL/TLS, or were designed for an enterprise mail network and don’t provide any authentication. I find it beneficial to run a simple Postfix box configured as a relay for these devices. Postfix accepts email from these items, strips the headers, and re-sends it via something like gmail.

    My mail server is When I try and enter this in the outgoing mail server settings, it won’t allow me, because it assumes all outgoing servers start with SMTP. While I can set my local DNS to fake a name, it’s somewhat inconvenient because I don’t want to accidentally interfere with an outside resource that may exist in the future.

    Is there a way to allow the outgoing SMTP server to be set to an IP address or other, non-SMTP url?

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    Hi Bryan,

    I understand your issue, I have added it as a todo item to allow the regex that does input verification to allow for IP addresses as well.


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      Thank you.

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