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    I know, it’s too soon 🙂 But someday you gonna want this input.

    1. Notes. I know the functionality offered is more or less limited to what OwnCloud offers. Still, I really like to have a post-it/notes synch function á lá Google Keep so I can keep my many notes I have at Google private instead.

    2. Fast “snippet info sharing” between devices, like what Pushbullet offers (https://www.pushbullet.com/). I’m using Pushbullet today but have no idea what they do with all the data passing their servers.

    3. Profiles in the android apps. I can’t access my OPI using the OPI name when in my own network, must use the IP address (router constraint). This is not a problem with my PC which never leaves home, but for the Android apps I must turn off WIFI in order to up- or download stuff. It would be really useful if I could just switch profile when at home instead (or even better, the apps automatically switches profile when connected to/disconnected from my home WIFI network).

    Thanks for a good job!

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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Consider this noted and thx for you input jkene!


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