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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    To install the Owncloud client on your computer start by downloading the latest client avilable from The client is available for most platforms including Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

    When installed start the client application and the Connection Wizard should appear.

    When prompted for the Server address enter

    https://“your opi name”

    You will then get an SSL connection warning message. As long as the sha1 fingerprint matches:

    96 F4 52 3A CF 57 1A 43 AF 4B 20 42 FF 46 5A D1 DF 22 6A 33

    It should be ok and you can go ahead and check the “Trust this certificate anyway” and OK.

    Then enter the username and password that you use logging into OPI and press Next.

    Select the folder to sync, default is fine. Click Connect.

    If everything goes ok you should be presented with the option to open the local sync folder in the computer filemanager and Finnish button.

    You now can start using the sync-folder to share files between OPI and other connected devices.

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    What is the currently valid certificate fingerprint?

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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Hi Richard,

    We have not yet upgraded our CAs so the above information is still correct.

    The Root CA should have a SHA1 fingerprint of:

    96 F4 52 3A CF 57 1A 43 AF 4B 20 42 FF 46 5A D1 DF 22 6A 33

    And the intermediate CA should have the SHA1 fingerprint of:

    37 F7 8E A9 22 04 1A 94 3F D4 60 28 A0 32 EC 91 F9 28 67 9C

    We have upgraded certificate signings on individual OPIs to use SHA256 and we have also fixed the faulty CA settings on these certificates. This applies to all new installations and when changing OPI-name.



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