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    Just received my device today.

    Unless I am missing something, I think my ISP has filtered some of my email (from you) and called it junk. I cannot log in to my device as I do not have the all important explanatory email that describes what to do.

    As a side note: I believe that my ISP (in general) is doing this to provide more clicks on their homepage content (i.e. They are evil, and Instead of using my pop, I have to log in to the web based feature ware, and remove the emails from their “junk” tag.) However, I can no longer do this because they are feeding their site with so much 3rd party crap, that I would have to allow all scripts, java, flash etc. just to read it. Not going to happen as I do wear a tin foil hat 😉

    Is there any way you resend my opi information to my email address and possibly copy another of my email addresses so that I can get this info? Or am I missing something simple, and all my conspiracy theories have gone to waste?


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    Hi tehcog,

    Np problem to send you your information. We do ask though that you send us mail on including the two email addresses.


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