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    We are happy to announce the release of the softare 1.0 release for OPI.

    This is the first release for OPI and as such is has some limitations.

    • It is currently not possible to change the “MASTER PASSWORD”
    • It is only possible to retrieve files from the backup, not the entire system configuration. All system data is saved in the backup including databases, but currently it is only the files that are possible to restore using the UI.
    • Changing SD cards requires a re-install of the system, basically due to the above limitation of restoring the complete system from a backup.
    • Root access not possible

    A few more that are worth mentioning is:

    • Backup does not adhere to “mirror” option, it always uses the ‘timeline’ option
    • If the backup fails, in some instances the existing backups will be unavailable until either a new backup is complete or the backup is disabled and re-enabled using the UI
    • Updating email accounts requires the user to re-enter the password
    • It is not possible to relay e-mail using OpenProducts servers, if OPI is not allowed to directly send mail, another outgoing SMTP server needs to be used.

    /Tor & PA

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    “Changing SD cards requires a re-install of the system”.

    I’m not sure if that means it’s not possible right now or just very inconvenient? I have a spare 64GB card I wanted to use, could I swap before I start it up the first time? Or do I have to wait for a future release to be able to use that?

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      Tor Krill
      Tor Krill

      Hi jkene,

      As long as you haven’t run the setup you can use whatever card you want.

      It is only if you want to change SD-card on a running/configured system you unfortunately have to reinstall the unit. (This is due to a bug on our side that we hopefully will resolve until the next upgrade.)


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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Just a follow up. I have written a howto on reinstalling OPI here:



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