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    Hey guys, I found your product and homepage more or less accidentally in the Internet (you’ve been linked on a website with security advisories) and I’m very interested in the product.
    I love your idea and the motivation to create such an ground-breaking “easy to handle” privacy box.
    Guys, keep motivated, there are still lots of people outside who care about privacy and democracy, you’re not alone 🙂

    I read nearly all posts on the forum an all the news in the last two years. What I got from it: You’re doing this as a hobby in your freetime because you can’t earn enough money selling the OPI boxes to pay your expenses. In that point: Hats off, I’m very impressed!
    But in general that brought me to another idea: Some months ago, I started to move from Raspberry Pi and other Single Board Computers to an real AMD64 Homeserver, running a NAS, virtual machines, a Mediacenter etc. etc. Lots of work, sometimes really annoying with updates and all that stuff. But as the hardware is really powerful and I don’t want to start again runnning a tiny little machine for every purpose: What about offering OPI as a service? I’m actually paying 45EUR per year for an Hosted Exchange Account. I’d really like to pay 60EUR per year having easy to handle an OPI image that runs on my hardware (vm, docker, or whatever…). Or perhaps having the ability to install it manually (create an docker image, vm, or whatever) and pay monthly just for the OPI service (including the full featureset: domain, account, apps, Email, calendar and so on…).
    This could be another way to get a plate of food from making the world more fair, more secure and keeping private things private 🙂

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    Hi Ener,

    You are correct that it is our motivation for this that keeps up going, not the financial aspect of this.
    Regarding having this as a “service”, we do have some thoughts about how we could make that happen, but right now the focus is on getting KEEP out to our users. Supporting multiple platsforms (for now OPI and KEEP), is a bit of a challenge, but we are making progress.


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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Hi Ener (& PA),

    Just to fill in on PAs reply.

    It is correct that we currently focus 100% on getting Keep launched. What is interesting with this is that a lot of that work, beyond the general upgrades, is about refactoring our current code base to support more than one platform, i.e. OPI and Keep.

    This will provide us with a more flexible platform that should quite easily be re-purposed for other deployments, such as you mention above and this is definitely something that we are interested in doing.

    So please stay tuned for future developments 😉


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    Cool to read about that and I totally understand you’re actually focusing on KEEP!
    As I’m also interested in not creating to much waste, I’d prefere to use my already existing hardware (it’s not a question of money than of environment pollution).
    So keep this idea in mind, continue being cool und keep on rocking guys! I’m looking forward to see your next big step 🙂

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    Doing our best. 🙂

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