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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    After some delays we are proud to finally present the first major update of the OPI software. We had some late problems with the installer that caused the delay our apologies for this.

    This upgrade is mainly a bug fix upgrade with a lot of upgraded packages. Because of the size of the upgrade this upgrade can be a bit bumpy. The complete upgrade should take about 15 minutes depending on internet connection speed.

    During the upgrade the upgrade the webserver at OPI will shut down and restart a bit later and this will result in that any user currently logged in will be automatically logged out.

    Because of some problems with cached web pages it is highly recommended to empty your browser cache if things act strange or if you seems to not have gotten the upgrade in a day or two.

    As always, please get back to us with comments and questions. Tell us what works and what doesn’t what is good and what is not.

    Whats new in this release

    • Added functionality to enable shell access on OPI (SSH)
    • Added functionality for dynamic and dhcp network settings.

    Read more about this below.


    • Owncloud upgraded to 6.0.5
    • All latest updates to Ubuntu applied

    Notable fixes

    • SMTP relay bug fixed which made setting an outgoing SMTP server impossible under certain circumstances.
    • Improved functionality in OC contacts web app.
    • Some performance enhancements in OC. Cronjobs for background execution.
    • Backend system have enhanced error recovery. The system now restarts if it should terminate for some unwanted reason.
    • Upload limits in web based filemanager increased and execution timeout increased to ease uploads. (Should hopefully also fix some problems on file synchronization)
    • Bugfixes for improved internationalization.

    Plus many small fixes all over the system.

    Upgrades are done automatically if enabled. This is done once a day without the need for user intervention. This upgrade however is quite big and installing takes a long time approximately 15 minutes. During this the webserver will be shut down for quite some time and because of this you will be locked out of OPI during this and you will have to login again after the upgrade.

    Further more pages are usually quite heavily cached in the web-browser and if you are not noticing any changes in the web admin UI you might have to empty your browser cache manually to get the latest version loaded.

    Installer image
    A new installer image is provided and is available here:
    To reinstall OPI follow the information provided here (Re)Installing OPI

    New features

    Shell access
    Shell access is enabled via SSH in the admin interface under ”Network Configuration” and the new ”Shell Access” tab.
    When enabled there will be sent an email with the generated root password to all users in the admin group. It is of course a good idea to log in and change this.

    Network settings
    Network settings is found in the admin interface under ”Network Configuration” and “Network Settings”

    There is now a choice between dynamic IP (DHCP) and Static IP configuration.

    Note however that if you change the IP number the web interface will stop responding and you will have to reload the page or possibly manually change the address in the browser. Further more it is recommended to do any IP number changes only when logged in locally on your LAN since any port forwards done in the router might not get updated.

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    I DL the Image file, but the checksums do not match. I tried the .zip file & the unzipped image file. None match.


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      Tor Krill
      Tor Krill

      Hi techcog,

      I re-downloaded the images and verified them. (It is the unzipped image that you should check)

      Both md5 and sha1 matched. If on Linux or likewise you should be able to let the check-summer verify by doing:

      md5sum -c opi-install-1.1.img.md5
      or better
      sha1sum -c opi-install-1.1.img.sha1

      with the opi-install-1.1.img in the same directory.

      If the numbers still don’t match it could be that the download somehow got corrupt/incomplete? Try download once more in this case and make sure that the sizes match.


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    I DL’d the new files & this is what I get:

    somebody::NSA { ~/Downloads/http }-> lal
    total 691296
    drwxr-xr-x 8 somebody staff 272 Oct 23 16:53 ./
    drwx——+ 13 somebody staff 442 Oct 16 17:53 ../
    -rw-r–r– 1 somebody staff 352321536 Oct 23 16:36 opi-install-1.1.img
    -rw-r–r–@ 1 somebody staff 54 Oct 23 16:53 opi-install-1.1.img.md5
    -rw-r–r–@ 1 somebody staff 62 Oct 23 16:52 opi-install-1.1.img.sha1
    somebody::NSA { ~/Downloads/http }-> md5sum -c opi-install-1.1.img.md5
    opi-install-1.1.img: FAILED
    md5sum: WARNING: 1 of 1 computed checksums did NOT match
    somebody::NSA { ~/Downloads/http }-> sha1sum -c opi-install-1.1.img.sha1
    opi-install-1.1.img: FAILED
    sha1sum: WARNING: 1 of 1 computed checksums did NOT match

    Using “Jacksum”:
    10bd55eaa40b5744b5b924c5655cb600aee0b46e /Users/someboby/Downloads/http/opi-install-1.1.img
    51af83e15e463042e76109bc78e278432f226f81 opi-install-1.1.img

    a926cc44dc7edd87051cb468db438c18 /Users/somebody/Downloads/http/opi-install-1.1.img
    fc7775eacb3340ea66458e78c3e8516e opi-install-1.1.img

    Any suggestions?

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      Tor Krill
      Tor Krill


      I’m not sure what to say. I downloaded the image once more:

      > md5sum opi-install-1.1.img
      fc7775eacb3340ea66458e78c3e8516e opi-install-1.1.img

      > java -jar jacksum.jar -a md5 opi-install-1.1.img
      fc7775eacb3340ea66458e78c3e8516e opi-install-1.1.img

      > openssl md5 opi-install-1.1.img
      MD5(opi-install-1.1.img)= fc7775eacb3340ea66458e78c3e8516e

      > sha1sum opi-install-1.1.img
      51af83e15e463042e76109bc78e278432f226f81 opi-install-1.1.img

      > openssl sha1 opi-install-1.1.img
      SHA1(opi-install-1.1.img)= 51af83e15e463042e76109bc78e278432f226f81

      > java -jar jacksum.jar -a sha1 opi-install-1.1.img
      51af83e15e463042e76109bc78e278432f226f81 opi-install-1.1.img

      I even went back to the originally created image and checked. The sums are the same.

      Could it be that your unzip program that you use? Can i ask what OS and what unzip you are using?

      One more test would be to verify the checksum of the zip-archive. That way we could perhaps isolate if it is the download or the unpacking.

      The checksum i get on sha1sum opi-install-1.1.img.zip is

      b376f68e558ede3e76069a495fda9146c56ce33c opi-install-1.1.img.zip

      Let me know the outcome of this!


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    Sorry to waste your time, and thanks for all the help. It turned out that the NSA was performing a man in the middle attack on your server… JUST KIDDING!!! Sorry for that! The REAL problem, as you suggested, regarding the decompression method was right on target. Below, please find the test results (All SHA1):

    After Downloading .zip file:
    Local: b376f68e558ede3e76069a495fda9146c56ce33c opi-install-1.1.img.zip
    Original: b376f68e558ede3e76069a495fda9146c56ce33c opi-install-1.1.img.zip

    After extracting .img file using “Stuffit Expander” (OSX Mavericks)
    Local: ae927d4af08e4c0e715250226e2055a1915fc5a1 opi-install-1.1.img
    Original: 51af83e15e463042e76109bc78e278432f226f81 opi-install-1.1.img

    After using command line “unzip” (ports version)
    Local: 51af83e15e463042e76109bc78e278432f226f81 opi-install-1.1.img
    Original: 51af83e15e463042e76109bc78e278432f226f81 opi-install-1.1.img

    So… It looks like the version of “Stuffit Expander” that I have is putting some kind of fingerprint or comment or something in the expanded file. Lesson: use open source!

    Thanks again.



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