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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Just in time for Christmas we are proud to announce the version 1.2 software update.

    The big news in this release is the updated mail configuration to make it easier for people getting mail to work. The new feature is that we have now added the option to use an OpenProducts provided mail server to send and receive mail.

    The server can be used as an outgoing relay server to send email to anyone. Beyond that there is also the possibility to use OpenProducts mail server to receive mail for the OPI local op-i.me domain. I.e. all mail addressed to the OPI it self.

    The feature is as easy enable the option and select which features to use.

    What is new in this release

    • New email setting, use OpenProducts external server
    • Malserver have ports 587 (to send email) and 2525 as an alternative port for receiving email (Used by OP external server)

    Read more on how to use this feature below.


    • OwnCloud upgraded to version 6.0.6 (Done eariler)

    Notable fixes

    • Owncloud fixes, the problems using groups to setup access is fixed.
    • Backup bug “Backend reports that fs is still mounted elsewhere” should be fixed
    • It is now possible to swap SD cards on OPI without reinstalling
    • It is now possible to reinstall OPI and reuse an SD-card with data
    • Changing OPI-name now sticks in UI
    • Upgrades sometimes turned LED offs after update.
    • It is now possible to set port on SMTP relay server without having to provide a username and password

    Upgrades are done automatically if enabled. This is done once a day without the need for user intervention. This upgrade however is quite big and installing takes a long time approximately 15 minutes. During this the webserver will be shut down for quite some time and because of this you will be locked out of OPI during this and you will have to login again after the upgrade.

    Installer image
    A new installer image is provided and is available here:

    To reinstall OPI follow the information provided here: (Re)Installing OPI

    Using the new email feature
    The new mail features are supposed to ease problems sending and receiving email with OPI. If email is working fine you have no need to use this feature.

    If have problems with email, read on.

    Use OpenProducts server to send email
    Log in as an admin user into the web based admin interface of OPI.

    Select “E-Mail configuration” and the tab “Send Mail“.

    Select the option “Use OpenProducts External mail server” and then select the checkbox named “Send mail via OpenProducts servers“.

    Click “Save changes” to update configuration.

    Email sent from OPI will now be relayed via the OpenProducts mail server on port 587. No further configuration should be needed.

    Use OpenProducts server to receive OPI mail

    This feature changes the behaviour on how mail sent to your local [opiname].op-i.me is managed. Instead of mail being directly delivered to you OPI email sent to these addresses will be routed via the OpenProducts mail server then delivered to your OPI on an alternative port (2525 instead of 25)

    To configure OPI to use this feature log in as an admin user into the web based admin interface of OPI.

    Select “E-Mail configuration” and the tab “Send Mail“.

    Select the option “Use OpenProducts External mail server” and then select the checkbox named “Recieve OPI-mail via OpenProducts servers“.

    Click “Save changes” to update configuration.

    If OPI is placed behind a router/firewall it is also necessary to make sure that the port 2525 is forwarded from the router onto OPI. (OPI will try to do this, using UPNP and Nat PMP, upon boot but not all routers firewalls allow this)

    New alternative ports on SMTP email server
    With this release we have added two more ports that are listen upon by the SMTP mailserver.

    It is the so called submission port 587 and the non standard port 2525. When using OPI as an outgoing relay server from other mail applications (Such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail) the preferred outgoing port should be port 587 which most often isn’t blocked by ISPs. If there should be problems the non standard port 2525 could be tried as a final alternative.

    It actually is a very good security measure to use OPI as your outgoing SMTP server instead of any server provided by your ISP or other cloud provider. There is no reason why they should have access to all your email communication.

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    Hi Tor

    Thank you for providing such a nice christmas present 🙂
    I think you did a very good job since releasing the box also in the means in providing a good solution for sending/receiving mails!

    Unfortunately the installed nginx-server stopped its service due to the following error:
    2014/12/24 12:58:58 [emerg] 2973#0: duplicate location “/admin” in /etc/nginx/apps/webfrontend-nginx.conf.dpkg-new:1

    Maybe there should be some kind of cleanup job in such critical locations to ensure only one version of the configuration exists at a time.


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      Tor Krill
      Tor Krill

      Hi marcelhuber,

      How very strange with the malfunction of Nginx. This is something that we have completely missed during testing.

      I’m a bit surprised that there even exists a dpkg-new file in that directory. This usually means that the package manager thinks that the config file have been modified elsewhere. You havn’t edited the file in question?

      Never the less, this is a bug and i will add it to our bug-tracker.

      Thank you for the heads up and Best!

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    Hi Tor

    No, I didn’t modify the file. I found 28 dpkg-new files in total within /etc which is really a bit curious.
    I also recently had the problem, that the mounted and encrypted fs was not clean which caused the upgrade of owncloud to fail. It seems that the data folder was corrupted. At least I could run fsck – after luksOpen on my desktop machine – to fix the fs.
    After that I encountered that the backups in the corresponding backup folder of owncloud were missing. To fix this I needed to manually trigger the opi_backup.sh script to fetch existing backups and recreate the folder and links in owncloud.

    Finally I can use the box with updated software again.

    Thanks for your support and merry christmas 🙂

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      Tor Krill
      Tor Krill

      Hi again marcelhuber,

      All the “dpkg-new” files seems really strange. We have not seen anything like this. If possible could you contact us on support@openproducts.com and specify which files this affected. (Might give some clues on what has happened)

      Regarding the encrypted FS this also seems a bit odd. I assume that there where no powerfailure involved.

      It could be that you have been hit by our problem with memory running out during an upgrade. This would explain a lot. (I described this in this blog poes Whats up?

      Finally regarding the backup. That behaviour is as expected. (The backup folder you see is actually a fuse mount of the backup server or local fs on external storage) Currently we only mount this on running the backup. We are aware that this is not the nices solution and it is in our roadmap to fix this.

      A merry christmas and a hapy new year to you to!


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