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    How do I recover the OPI using a local backup, assuming that
    1) The info on the MicroSD card is lost
    2) The OPI is destroyed and needs to be replaced

    Does the OPI backup cover all user information, including OPI settings, mail, contacts and file storage?

    Is it possible to recover the mail only, without affecting the file store?


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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Hi haraldc,

    As you probably know, we have not yet had time to implement the complete recovery from a backup.

    All data is stored on the backup, all email, all files, complete dump of MySQL, all settings (Apart from the possible outgoing smtp-server). So all, vital, information is saved.

    The default route to restore data would of course be to reinstall, replace OPI and or the SD-card.

    If you today would like to do a manual extraction of data from the local backup you would need a Linux or Mac (untested) computer. An up2date installation of S3QL,

    Mount the backup using your master password and then all data should be readily available.

    I hope this is an answer on your questions?

    Best Regards,


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