(Re)Installing OPI

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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    This is a short howto on installing or reinstalling OPI. This procedure will completely reformat the internal storage and returning OPI to the state when delivered.

    To perform the installation you will need a µSD-card with a minimum size of 512MB. This card will be completely reformatted deleting all data present.

    Note that Internet access is required during setup. This is due to OPI needing to communicate with our servers getting certificates signed etc.

    Download the installer
    Start by downloading the latest installer. Downloads are provided from here http://download.openproducts.com/opi/install/

    Currently this is the opi-install-1.3.zip The same directory also contains the sha1- and md5-checksum file which can be used to verify, the unzipped image, that the download is successful and complete.

    When the installer is downloaded it has to be unzipped and written to the µSD card. This could be done either from the commandline in Linux or using Win32 Disk Imager

    Write image Using Win32 Disk imager

    Download the application from Sourceforge and unpack it.

    Insert the µSD card into your computer.

    Start the Imager application. Select the downloaded installer image and the device containing the µSD. Then press write.

    When completed remove the µSD from your computer

    Write image using dd in Linux
    Insert the µSD card into your computer. Lets assume that the device for the card reader is /dev/sdg substitute with appropriate device for your machuine.

    Open a shell.

    Make sure the device isn’t mounted
    sudo umount /dev/sdg?

    Write the image to µSD by
    sudo dd if=/path/to/opi-install-1.0.img of=/dev/sdg bs=512

    Make sure all data is written to the µSD

    Close the shell and remove the µSD card from your computer.

    Performing the install
    Remove all power from OPI then insert the installer µSD into OPI.

    Turn on power on OPI. OPI should shortly start up and the left and middle LED should blink synchronized.

    When OPI is fully installed it will shut down completely with no LEDs lit.

    Remove the installer µSD from OPI and replace this with a non installer card preferably a newly formatted card.

    Power on OPI and complete the initial setup. (Note that if you use an old OPI µSD card you have to provide the same master password and OPI-id.)

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    What are the /default/preferred/supported file systems and partition tables for the “non-installer” microSD card?

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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Hi scottta,

    The non-installer µSD will be partitioned and formatted by OPI upon setup. Thats part of the encryption.

    The preconditions is only that it isn’t an LUKS encrypted device already on it. (If it isn’t an OPI-card in which case you should provide the “old” master password to use it.)


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    My OPI has been laying around for a while since it stopped working
    a couple of months ago. I installed the “rescue” image and was able to
    talk to it.

    Just a moment ago I did a reinstall with 1.2 and inserted a fresh
    formatted SD card.
    Now I says “Failed to authenticate with OP server.
    Wrong activation code or password”
    I was able to access from my lan and through the link with the activation code.
    After restarting it seems to be bricked with 2 solid leds and the leftmost blinking.
    Should I try to reinstall again?

    Best regards

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      By the way this is how it looks when I nmap it.
      I remember that this looks the same as when it was hanging before.


      Starting Nmap 6.40 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2015-02-18 00:09 CET
      Nmap scan report for
      Host is up (0.00071s latency).
      Not shown: 992 filtered ports
      22/tcp closed ssh
      25/tcp closed smtp
      80/tcp closed http
      143/tcp closed imap
      443/tcp closed https
      587/tcp closed submission
      993/tcp closed imaps
      2525/tcp closed ms-v-worlds

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        Tor Krill
        Tor Krill

        Hi Rolf,

        Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with OPI.

        Regarding the first problem. Make sure you used the exact same password as you did with the previous system. If it differs you wont be able to authenticate with our servers.

        Then the other problem is most likely due to the aborted setup. Could you try reformat the SD-card and try again?

        Best Regards


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    Hi Tor

    I reinstalled it and the leds turn off. I inserted a new formatted SD card
    and it seems to hang again. I.e no contact.
    When I took out the SD card and mounted it on another computer it looks blank.
    Im quite lost here.


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    Hi Again Tor

    Sorry about the last mail.
    It works now. Im not sure why though.
    I reinserted the blank sd card and restarted.
    Now I was able to configure it again. 🙂

    A question regarding the master password. I thought it was only local
    to my card? Do you keep a signature of it at opi?
    Can it ever be changed then? I have a rather weak now and wanted to update it, that’s why I reformatted my SD card.
    You imply in the reinstall instructions that the password can be changed by using a new card?

    Best regards

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      Tor Krill
      Tor Krill

      Hi again Rolf,

      Unfortunately you currently have to use the same master password for a registered unit. (We use a key derived from the master password to authenticate against our backend systems.)

      This is of course not acceptable and is on our todo-list to change. In the meantime you have to contact us and we can reset the account and let you choose a new password.

      Best Regards,


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