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    It would be nice if the error handling of the would be bit better. First of all, there was no easy way to rerun the tests. My original setup had some ports blocked, so I fixed my setup and tried to press the “Start setup” again to start testing again, but that did nothing. I did get it working again by reloading the whole page and writing again my serial number.

    The next issue was that when it tried to forward me to my own address. This does not work, as I cannot access my external IP-address from inside of my house, so the connection didn’t succeed. The problem is that the web-page did not give any indication what was going on, it didn’t tell me what name it is trying to connect to, and it will not time out. It just hangs there.

    By using netstat and tcpdump I was able to find out that it was trying connect my outer IP-address (which did not work), and thats why it was not going forward…

    After reading the javascript and finding out the url where it was trying to redirect, and the parameters required I managed to get forward by replacing the name with my internal name…

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    Hi Kivinen,

    Thanks for your feedback, there are things that are a bit rough around the corners…

    I am not sure why it did not time out for you, but it should have realized a failure and also given you a link pointing to the local name. OPI listens to https://opi on the local network and also registers this with the DHCP request.

    Anyway thank you for the feedback.


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