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    Hi all.
    Started my opi yesterday, haven’t had much time fiddling aruond with it. First question now is: How do I change to static ip address? I guess I could forward the right ports in my router even when the opi is on dhcp, but a static address would really make me happier 🙂


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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Hi Daniel,

    The static IP setting was one of those features we postponed until the 1.1 release due to time constraints.

    We of course understand that this is a very important feature and we are working hard on getting the 1.1 release out the door.

    So i hope that you can live without this a week or two until the upgrade is done.


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    Daniel: check your router (given that you use one), there may be a setting that forces the router to assign the same IP to the device every time the lease is renewed. On my Router (Huawei B593) it’s called “Bundled Address List”. Works like a charm.

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