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    I have used the OPI for a while using an 8GByte SD card. I now want to upgrade to a 128GByte SD card. Which is the best procedure?
    I have a local backup on the OPI. I have Win7 and Ubuntu OS.

    • Is it possible to copy the 8Mbyte to an image and copy the image to the 128GByte card?
    • Is it possible to configure and empty SD card on the OPI (using the root login) and use the local backup to recover the files?
    • Do I have to re-install OPI?

    I have been able to read both the USB backup and the 8Gbyte SD card on my Ubuntu OS. I have managed to copy the image to the 128Gbyte SD card, but not to increase the partition size to utilize the larger size.

    I tried to make a fresh formatting of the 128Gbyte card and copied the 8Gbyte data into the card. I used the same encryption password on both cards. The OPI OS accepted the card (var/opi was correctly mounted) but it was not possible to log in using the web interface.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Tor Krill
    Tor Krill

    Hi haraldc,

    We are experiencing some permissionsproblem on the forum. Thus excuse me if i’m a bit short on the reply.

    We unfortunately still havn’t implemented full restore of a backup. It’s next up on our todo-list after the upcomming 1.3 release.

    Since you seem to be comfortable with these matters and run Linux i wrote a short howto on manually backup and restore the SD card.

    Read more here:

    Howto manually backup and (re)create SD cards

    And you should not have to reinstall OPI.

    I hope this will get you going!


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    Thanks Tor, it worked fine.

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    Hello allo,

    Is it safe to assume that if Harald’s 128GB SD card works with the device the new 256GB cards will too?



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      Hi Steve,

      As we have not tried with any 256GB cards, I do not really have any better answer than try it and share the result…
      Sorry not to be able to help out on this.


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